The Power Hour (Optometry)

Erik Ferjentsik, CEO and Founder of Visionary Group talks about what it looks like to sell your practice in today's market.

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If you want to learn the What, When, Who, Why, and How’s of the Power Practice, this podcast episode is for you. Dr. Bethany and the team discuss what clients can expect if they consult with The Power Practice. Learn more from these clients turned consultants because this is a discussion you wouldn’t want to miss.

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Bethany's Appearance on The Optometry Money Podcast.

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What are Insurance Audits and how important are they? Dr. Bethany and Dr. Viktoria discuss what the factors are for an Insurance Audit and how we can be ready for them.

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Bethany shares her insights on how good communication and consistent discussions with patients and staff, whether a practice is doing well or not, can make a huge difference.

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Keeping your patients happy and detailed records can prevent untoward incidents at your clinic. Bethany and Joe DeLoach discuss how we can prevent Medical Malpractice from happening and how to deal with them.

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Everything is going fine for your business, or is it? This is Part 2 of Bethany and Char Watson’s discussion on the remaining stages of the Predictable Success Growth Model.

Learn more about Predictable Success: Predictable Success: Getting Your Organization on the Growth Track-And Keeping It There

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Ever heard of Fun, Whitewater, and Predictable Success? Char Watson and Bethany discuss the first four stages of the Predictable Success Growth model and how you can go through them and scale your business.

Learn more about Predictable Success: Predictable Success: Getting Your Organization on the Growth Track-And Keeping It There

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From discussions about medical emergencies, theft, and to a possibility of a shooter, Officer Tom shares with us practical advice on how we can keep our practices safe.

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Do you truly know how your practice is performing? Today Paul Ferraro talks about the Profit and Loss statement and how you can plan to make your practice more profitable. Learn how to do bottom-up forecasting to get the Net Income you want to achieve.

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Join Bethany on her first Solo Podcast and talks about some of the changes that you can make in your Practice. And how you can evaluate your practice and make sure that you are where you want to be and on a path to get where you want to go.

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Live from Vision Expo East: Adam Cmejla talks to Bethany about her perspective on why they both love the model of private practice in Optometry, why it’s important to surround yourself with a good community as a business owner and OD, the importance of learning about leadership and business, and ways in which you can take action on the areas that we discuss.

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Discouraged by all of the doom and gloom on optometric social media? Dr. Nick Despotidis talks about having the courage to make your practice a place you love to be.
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Join Bethany as she talks with International Myopia Institute Co-Founder Dr. Monica Jong about Myopia Management and the Importance of Proactive Treatment.

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Beth Berman talks about EOS and how it could work to help you get what you desire from your practice!

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Former Power Hour host and Power Practice CEO Gary Gerber talks about ways to prepare your practice for an upcoming recession
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We've talked about the benefits of having a virtual assistant. Hear what it's like to BE a virtual assistant from professional VA Joanah Mandilag


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Guest Brian Spittle talks to Bethany about sustainability.
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Visually Impaired runner Jennifer Herring just completed her 19th Boston Marathon and shares some life lessons on the Power Hour.

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Dr. Chris Lopez helps optometrists with contract review and negotiations. Listen to find out more about what associates are looking for. 

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Kayla Ashlee, founder of Spexy,  shares her secrets for success and the importance of training your new hires.

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Daniel Rostenne, Founder and CEO at EyeCarePro, speaks with Bethany about AI and how you can use it to train your team.
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Bethany talks to Debby Feinberg about Binocular Vision Dysfunction and how becoming NeuroVisual Specialist can help you change lives.

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Harbir Sian talks to Dr. Bethany Fishbein about how to build a personal brand.
Check out Habir on Ted Talks

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Topher Hall, Founder of Sprolo, talks about how to set your practice apart from the rest
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Dr. Eric Hammond supervises 12 4th year interns every year. Learn how he makes this a success for his practice.

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Author Jonno White joins Bethany to talk about developing as a leader.
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Adam Cmejla returns to the podcast to talk about disaster planning.

Disaster Planning Checklist

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An interesting and inspiring conversation with 5x Paralympic medalist and world record holder, Lex Gillette.

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Bethany and Steve Alexander talk about the process of gaining freedom from insurance in your practice.
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Background checks for new hires are critically important to protect your patients and your practice. Bethany and Tommy Huhn, CEO of National Applicant Screening, talk about what's available and how to easily run these checks.

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Adam Cmejla speaks to Bethany about her decision to leave patient care

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Dr. Kerry Gelb spent 3 years creating a full-length documentary to educate the public about the important role of optometrists in disease prevention. Learn more in this episode of the Power Hour Optometry Podcast!

Open Your Eyes Trailer

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Join Bethany as she talks with Dr. Nate Bonilla-Warford of Bright Eyes Kids and Bright Eyes Family Eye Care about how he followed his passion for pediatric eye care and created a great practice for kids

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Joe DeLoach of Practice Compliance Solutions tells us what practice owners need to know about the No Surprises Act.

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Dr. Howard Purcell, President of NECO, talks about the school's innovative Hybrid OD program.

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Dr. Janelle Davison talks about how responding to her patients' needs led her to create a spa within her practice.

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Our guests Dr. Amie Gisbert and Dr. Tim Lynch talk about why service is such a high priority for them and how they give the gift of sight to others.



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Adam Cmejla, certified financial planner and founder of Integrated Planning & Wealth Management, LLC talks about how to plan your practice to serve your personal financial goals.

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Hear from Jennifer Hudye, Founder and CEO of  Conscious Copy, about how to create your own Vivid Vision and set yourself up for future success.

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A conversation with Salus resident Dr. Anthony Boyd about finding his passion for optometry.

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Visible Genomics, is on a mission to arm you with critical information that helps you and your patients look into the future.  Learn more about DNA Testing for Macular Degeneration from Dr. Barry Eiden.
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Aaron Neufeld, the founder of ODs on Finance, talks about the importance of financial education to further the profession of optometry and help optometrists achieve financial freedom.
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Dr. Viktoria Davis, a Power Practice consultant, and the brains behind our Power Audit, talks about how to minimize audit risk and maximize reimbursement by ethical and accurate coding and billing.

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In this episode, Ken Jorgenson of Carr Realty discusses important things to consider when leasing or buying a space for your practice.  Going into a real estate transaction armed with knowledge can save you tens of thousands of dollars!

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Dr. Thanh Mai and Dr. Prapti Chandrani talk about virtual assistants and how they fit into their practices.

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Dr. Bethany Fishbein, CEO of the Power Practice, talks to Dr. Carly Rose about decision making and what could be holding you back.  

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Drs. Thanh Mai and Valerie Lam discuss what it takes to have a thriving myopia management practice. The doctors talk about the importance of “not dabbling”; creating a strong brand; and ensuring staff culture and commitment, technology, and processes in order to succeed. With the rapidly growing myopia epidemic, now is a great time to add this specialty to your practice.


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Were Gary's predictions for 2021 correct?  Listen to this previous episode from January 6th to find out.

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Daniel Rostenne from EyeCarePro goes all in on online marketing on this week's Power Hour.
Get ready to learn about strategy, Google Ads, social media, and more. Daniel explains why ODs need to market their practices and how to ensure ROI on their efforts.

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Think back to Vision Expo - March 2018, Jacob Javitz Convention Center, New York City.   This week we are time traveling to 2018 to listen to Power Hour Live at Expo, what's changed since then and how has the pandemic helped you adapt to that change and become a better practice owner.

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Join LandrumHR General Counsel, Amie Remington, as she discusses hot topics affecting employers today, including the effects of the executive orders that President Biden has signed, how the transition to the Biden Administration will affect employers and the workplace, and the state of the workforce.

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Angela Eastman from Pacific Apex Law Group, LLP joins Dr. April Jasper this week on the Power Hour. Angela is a health law and regulatory compliance attorney providing counsel and advice to healthcare providers. During this week’s episode, we will discuss interviewing, hiring, and managing employees. Specific topics of discussion include how to ask legally appropriate interview questions, checking applicant references and providing employee references, worker classification, disciplinary action, and termination. To find out more about Angela and the legal services that she offers, please You may reach Angela by email at or by calling 888-607-8718.

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Check out Dr. Scott Jens, and Dr. Ali Khoshnevis from ClinicCover on the Power Hour with Dr. April Jasper. They discuss the emerging eyecare gig economy and how social values are changing the way optometrists work. Hear all about new and developing work trends for OD's, and the movement to work life balance for doctors.

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Optometry's most watched weekly podcast recorded live from West Palm Beach, Florida with Dr. April Jasper and David Jasper. In this episode join us with special guest Dr. Tsontcho Ianchulev, MD MPH Professor of Ophthalmology, New York Eye and Ear Infirmary of Mount Sinai, Innovator and technology developer he will inspire you to follow your dreams.

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Daniel Rostenne from EyeCarePro goes all in on online marketing on this week's Power Hour.
Get ready to learn about strategy, Google Ads, social media, and more. Daniel explains why ODs need to market their practices and how to ensure ROI on their efforts.

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Joseph Nezgoda, MD, MBA, joins April & Gary on Power Hour this week.  They discuss cases they have seen during shutdown and how technology has and continues to make eye care better for patients and doctors.


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Frederic Jouhet, founder and CEO of MacuHealth, joins Power Hour this week.
He discusses career changes, inspiration for entrepreneurship, and how ODs can best help their patients.

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Connect, Inspire, Lead—these are the core values of OWA - Optical Women's Association.
In recognition of International Women's Day, Power Hour sits down with OWA President Robyn Crimmins and members Janna Neal, vice president of operations for Zyloware, and Trudi Charest, cofounder of Marketing 4ECPS, about how OWA inspires and supports its members.


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In 1983, entrepreneurs Jeff White, Larry Roth, and Al Berg set out to create a new eyewear company with a $2 million loan and a passion to succeed. The company they created was Marchon Eyewear.
In his memoir Making a Difference, the late Al Berg relates his story of eyewear fashion, groundbreaking marketing. and the company’s mission to go global.
April and Gary talk with author of Al’s memoir, Frank Giammanco, formerly of First Vision Media Group, about how the project came about and the rise of Marchon and the modern eyewear industry.

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This week on Power Hour, April and Gary focus on the vision for 2021.
They discuss what ODs should be thinking about, and how to plan and focus on this year and going forward.

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Neil Blumenthal, cofounder and coCEO of Warby Parker, joins April & Gary this week on Power Hour. Find out what ODs can learn from Warby Parker, especially the company's COVID-19 response. Plus, how would Neil compete with Warby Parker if he were an OD.

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April and Gary talk cybersecurity on this week's Power Hour, and Mark from CrystalPM joins the conversation. How can ODs prevent hackers in their practice systems and keep data secure? April, Gary, and Mark will discuss how often it happens in practices, how often it happens overall, and how to protect data.

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This week, Gary welcomes his new Power Practice co-chief dream officer and Power Hour cohost, April Jasper.

Plus, learn from Gary and April how to fill your exam schedule this spring into summer. A special guest from SolutionReach joins the show to weigh in.

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Join Gary on Power Hour this week for a surprise guest and big announcement for Power Hour listeners!

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Kimberly Friedman, OD, vice president of sales at PRN, discusses the barriers ODs face to helping their patients and adding a potential revenue stream to their practices.
Listen to this episode of the Power Hour to find out more about optometry's role in nutraceuticals, and bring your questions!

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This week, join Gary and industry executives while they discuss winners and losers for 2020, along with predictions for 2021.
What are YOUR winners, losers, and predictions?

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This week, Gary discusses how to create a budget for 2021 in the face of a crazy 2020 and still looming uncertainty.

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With a vaccine on the horizon, learn how to prepare for the "new normal" this spring, summer, or whenever it might happen.

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COVID-19 cases are rising around the country and around the world.  If another COVID shutdown affects your practice, are you ready?

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What will optometric education look like post COVID? Find out from Howard Purcell from New England College of Optometry, David Heath from SUNY Optometry, and Michael Twa from The University of Houston College of Optometry.

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COVID fatigue...we are all feeling it.

COVID isn't going away any time soon, so join Gary this week for tips on how to beat the fatigue.

From creating new holiday traditions to spending time outdoors every day, Gary has more suggestions to keep your sanity during this challenging time.

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This week on Power Hour, Gary outlines how to best use manufacturer reps and consultants —with new considerations during COVID.  Join us for this episode of the Power Hour to make sure you're getting the most out of your industry relationships.

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It's that time of're staring down the end of 2020.Gary outlines prepping for year-end: what's the same, what's different.  He covers bonuses, holiday parties, flex spending notices, and more.  Tune in so you don't tune out to ending the year on a high note.

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From research to clinical practice: What goes on behind the scenes to allow you to take care of your patients?  Fuensanta Vera-Diaz, OD, PhD, FAAO, and Anita Gulmiri, OD, FAAO, from New England College of Optometry, explain how an idea becomes a study, how study results become clinical treatment, and more!

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2020 has been quite a year on many different levels. As we go into Q4, find out how you can close out the year strong. Gary has the details. Tune in to find out on this episode of the Power Hour.

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Following up on last week's show about what optometry has learned from COVID, this week we turn our attention to industry.

Weighing in:
• David Friedfeld from ClearVision Optical
• Jim McGrann from Healthy Eyes Advantage
• Dr. Jamie Rosin from Rosin Eyecare
• Tom Burke from ABB Optical Group

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Sure, it hasn't been a great time, but ODs can learn from adversity. Gary outlines key takeaways for optometry from the pandemic. Find out Gary's pandemic lessons on this episode of the Power Hour.

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Drs. Jeff and Susan Kegarise grew their Nashville eye care practice to seven times the national average…in less than 10 years. Their strategy? Putting patients first and differentiating the care on the basis of relationships and service.  Find out more about the practice and their book One Patient at at Time on this episode of the Power Hour.

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Learn how to use manufacturer myopia management consumer campaigns to your practice’s benefit. Jerry Warner and Melissa Kiewe from CooperVision discuss the company's latest strategy, and Gary weighs in on how it can help YOUR practice.

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Dr. Joseph Allen is the host of Doctor Eye Health YouTube channel.
This week, find out what inspired him, which is his most-watched topic, how he built his audience, and what advice he offers ODs about using YouTube.

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Learn how a refocus on AMD can help improve outcomes and satisfaction for your patients and drive additional medical, optical and nutraceutical revenue for you practice. Guests Greg Jackson Ph.D, Chief Technology Officer, MacuLogix and Victoria Dzurinko OD, MBA, FAAO, Director of Professional Relations, MacuLogix, will discuss AMD updates in science and technology and talk about how you can create a successful AMD program in your practice.

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In case you haven’t heard, there is a new FTC contact lens rule.Dr. Michael Mayers, director of U.S. advocacy at Johnson & Johnson Vision, joins the show to tell you what has changed and what you need to do about it.

Direct download: Aug122020.mp3
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Drs. Thanh Mai and Valerie Lam discuss what it takes to have a thriving myopia management practice. The doctors talk about the importance of “not dabbling”; creating a strong brand; and ensuring staff culture and commitment, technology, and processes in order to succeed. With the rapidly growing myopia epidemic, now is a great time to add this specialty to your practice.

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Is another shutdown coming?  The number of COVID-19 infections is rising.  This week, hear more on:

• Deciding if/when to close

• How to communicate to patients

• How to use learnings from the first shutdown to inform your actions now

Find out more on this episode of the Power Hour.

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Mike Neal from Build My Team joins the show this week to discuss hiring during COVID-19.  Find out what is the same...and what is different.

Direct download: Buildmyteam2.mp3
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Tonight, find out more about the challenges and opportunities unique to young ODs. Drs. Justin Bazan, Will To, Kirk Kaupke, and John Nguyen dive into more!

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ECP practices throughout the country are faced with increasing pressure to differentiate their business while delivering quality care.

As new technologies and services emerge, innovative ECPs are leveraging both to enhance their patients' experience, deliver valuable services, and increase their revenues.

Listen to this episode to hear from Pierre Bertrand, Neurolens; Dr. Michael Pier, Cognivue; John Walborn, Sanitas Advisors; and Matt Oerding, Treehouse Eyes.

Direct download: July82020.mp3
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Find out more about Global Myopia Awareness Coalition, their Game On campaign, and how ODs can capitalize on new research data and get involved.  Matt Oerding, Dr. Millicent Knight, and Dr. Juan Carlos Aragón share exciting updates. 


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Find out what's on the horizon for myopia management and how ODs can choose the best options for their patients and practices.
CooperVision President, Dan McBride, weighs in on the state of myopia management in the U.S.

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Tune in to this episode of The Power Hour and hear our best advice, tips and techniques to ensure that you can sustain your practice’s viability for what experts agree, will be a long and bumpy road ahead. If you’re busy now, that might just be because of pent up demand. If it is, what will happen in a few months? If you’re not busy now, what can you do about it? What if there is a second COVID wave?

As important as it was to successfully and safely reopen your practice, your path to sustained prosperity has only just begun. On the next episode of the Power Hour, learn the essential steps necessary to be able to maintain your practice’s livelihood in the weeks, months and years to come.

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COVID-19 has rewritten the rules on practice valuations and growth. Is now the perfect time to think about expanding or consolidating your practice—or is it the worst time?

Jamie Rosin helps to run Rosin Eyecare, a 31-location group in Chicago. He weighs in on what to look for in both situations and offers advice to ODs considering making a change.


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Reopeneyecare,  a new digital platform designed to help eyecare providers navigate the implications of the COVID-19 pandemic on their businesses, launched about a week ago and the response to the site has been overwhelmingly positive. The website features content specially curated by a taskforce of vision community leaders and is sponsored by The Vision Council. The site is intended to serve as a comprehensive, relevant and up-to-date resource to help eyecare providers navigate the complex journey from shutdown back to ‘new normal’ business conditions - and beyond - with practical insights and a collection of best practices, protocols, tools and tips for reopening a practice and maintaining its health until conditions improve.

On this episode of the Power Hour, task force members discuss how you can get maximum benefit from each of the main areas of the site.

Now more than ever, it is important to come together as a community. Click here to watch an introductory video about the site, spend some time on it, then tune in to voice your opinions and suggestions to make this incredible resource even better.


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Dr. Lyndon Jones from the Centre for Ocular Research and Education (CORE) at the University of Waterloo weighs in on contact wear amid COVID-19.
From a peer-reviewed paper to what patients what to know to resources for ODs, Dr. Jones has you covered.

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Crisis counselor Lori Bran—and wife of Power Practice consultant Dr. Eric Bran—discusses coping mechanisms, battling fatigue and impatience, and addressing anxiety.
Put your mental health on the front burner by joining us!


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A panel of experts discusses topics such as how to bring back staff and communicate to patients, how to address patient needs for convenience and safety, and more. Dr. David Holler, Dr. Robert Davis, and Erika Jurrens from ABB Optical Group weigh in.

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What are you doing now to retain and engage your patients? Even while your practice is closed, others are going after your patients.
This week, a panel of experts offers best practices for retaining patients during a crisis.
Find out key steps to take for survival.

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It seems that most practices did not get financial relief from the SBA. What happens now? Is it, “Game over?” Or, can you still re-open with a rapidly dwindling bank balance?Tune in to Power Hour with Power Practice consultant, Bethany Fishbein, OD, to discuss how to set up your “Practice 2.0 Business Plan.”If you’re like many of the thousands of ODs out there, this is an episode you literally cannot afford to miss.

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Patient communication and online selling strategies with Brianna Rhue, OD, FAAO; and Tom Burke, ABB Optical CEO.

  • What are you doing now to continue with patient engagement?
  • What are the most important tasks for you to retain your patients?
  • Are you setting goals for your staff for patient outreach?
  • How are you balancing patient communication and convenience?
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The COVID-19 crisis has doctors in a frenzy trying to keep their practice’s viable while preparing to re-open at the same time.  The information overload nonstop and daunting and putting an execution plan in place seems like a Herculean task.  Listen to the next episode where we’ll share strategies to get a realistic re-opening plan in place that any practice can use.

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