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In this episode, join Bethany as she gives some expert insight into the confusing and complex topic of creating a successful cold start practice. Drawing on over two decades of experience, including cold starting her own practice and guiding numerous other doctors in their cold start journeys, she offers invaluable insights into effective strategies and common pitfalls.

Bethany cautions against the allure of equipping a new practice with the latest gadgets and technologies from the outset. Instead, she emphasizes the importance of cultivating a solid, dependable patient base with basic needs, and progressively enhancing technological resources and treatment capabilities as the practice flourishes.

It's also important to have the right motivation and acquire the necessary business skills for success, similar to optometry training. Bethany advises practice owners to be easy to do business with, deliver an exceptional patient experience, and start out with good habits and solid business practices from the beginning. 

Embarking on a cold start practice can be a remarkable opportunity for professional growth. Tune in to this episode to discover the most effective approaches to achieving the success and work-life balance you've always envisioned, while avoiding the common errors associated with this challenging yet rewarding endeavor.


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Is an MBA your golden ticket to career advancement, or is there a way to invest your time and money with better opportunities? 

In this episode, Bethany is joined by Dan Koontz, MBA, former Wall Street senior equity analyst, in a conversation about the pitfalls of pursuing another advanced degree to attempt to improve your business acumen. 

Dan offers deep insights into the value of an MBA for optometrists and entrepreneurs. He shares his journey from an English literature graduate at Cornell University to a successful career in finance, highlighting how an MBA from Columbia University paved his way to Wall Street where he was ultimately able to retire at the age of 40. 

Together they challenge the necessity of an MBA for practice owners, discussing the mismatch between academic training and real-world business needs. He emphasizes the high costs and opportunity losses associated with pursuing an MBA, especially for entrepreneurs who might not need this credential. Dan encourages optometrists to seek targeted, practical business knowledge rather than a general MBA, suggesting alternative ways to acquire business acumen relevant to their field. This episode promises to be an eye-opener for professionals contemplating advanced business degrees, showcasing the importance of aligning education with specific career objectives.

Check out Dan’s Groundnut Stew recipe


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The new year is a chance for everyone to take a step back and seek out ways to improve their life for the upcoming year. Could dropping a difficult vision plan be your answer for a happier and more successful 2024? 

In this episode, Bethany is joined by Steve Alexander, the marketing director at Anagram and optometry insurance expert, as they discuss an impactful New Year's resolution for optometrists: simplifying their practices by re-evaluating and possibly dropping burdensome vision plans. 

While this move may seem drastic, Steve elaborates on how this game-changing move aims to increase profitability, simplify operations, and enhance patient care quality. Learn how to strategically choose which plan to drop, understand the benefits of this decision, and explore the nuances of balancing patient volume with service quality. 

They also delve into the critical aspect of preparing your practice for this change, ensuring a smooth transition for both staff and patients. This episode is not just about dropping a vision plan; it's about reshaping your business model for a more effective and fulfilling practice. Don't miss these expert insights that could transform your approach to optometry in the new year!


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Celebrations, Bonuses, and Gifts — the holiday season is one of the busiest times of year for everyone. What are you planning for your staff this holiday season?  

In this episode, Bethany is joined by Allison Kraemer, Director of Client Services at The Power Practice as they discuss how to best approach holiday celebrations and year-end festivities in the workplace.

Together they delve into a host of topics ranging from how best to acknowledge the accomplishments of your staff for the year to the distinctions between bonuses and gifts. They also discuss the nuances of holiday decorations in the office and how to toe the line between enhancing the work environment and creating extra burdens for your employees. 

Tune in to hear ideas for inclusive, team-oriented holiday celebrations with practical strategies to make your office a respite from the hectic holiday season while accommodating diverse beliefs and preferences. Whether it's crafting personalized gifts or creating new traditions, this episode is a treasure trove of insights for practice owners seeking to foster a positive and appreciative workplace culture during the holidays.


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Lease renewals are the most common real estate transaction for healthcare providers. Unfortunately, they’re also the type of transaction where optometrists lose the most money. How can practice owners flip the odds to their favor and save money? 

In this episode, Bethany is joined by Colin Carr, founder of CARR Realty, the nation’s leading provider of real estate services for healthcare professionals, as they dive into the critical topic of lease renewals for optometry practices. 

Their enlightening discussion reveals a common pitfall: many optometrists unknowingly lose out on hundreds of thousands of dollars by not being proactive in the lease renewal process. As a seasoned expert in the medical real estate landscape, Colin reveals strategies that the landlords don’t want practice owners to know, including: starting negotiations at least 12 months in advance, using a healthcare commercial real estate agent, and knowing your market options, whether you plan to stay or relocate. Carr emphasizes that renegotiating, even with an existing renewal option, can yield significant savings and better terms. 

This episode is a wealth of information for practice owners looking to get the upper hand and turn the tedious process of lease renewal into a win-win for their office space and their balance sheet.


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2024 is fast approaching! That means that it’s time to consider making big purchases to improve your practice and avoid paying heavy tax bills — but what if there’s a better way to use your money? 

In this episode, Bethany is joined by Adam Cmejla, founder of Integrated Planning and Wealth Management, a firm that does financial and retirement planning for optometric practice owners. Together they have an enlightening discussion on the best strategies to make your money work for you at the end of the year and clarify common misconceptions about taxes and managing practice finances. 

While it may seem prudent to invest profits back into your business, Adam challenges the idea of reinvesting profits solely for tax benefits, advocating for a balanced approach that includes enjoying personal rewards.

Tune in to learn practical expert advice on evaluating financials, understanding cash flow, and making smart, strategic decisions about savings and investments. Your practice is your most important asset - learn how to make sure that it’s working to benefit you both personally and professionally.


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Expert analysis has determined that in the competitive world of entrepreneurship, only 20% of teams reach their full potential.

For the majority of business leaders trying to achieve their goals and build their dream, internal saboteurs could be the thing inhibiting their professional growth. Could your mindset be the thing standing in your way?

In this episode of The Power Hour, Bethany is joined by Sarah Dau, Vice President of Business Development for the Power Practice and Business Management Coach with over a decade of experience helping optometry practices of all sizes reach their goals and potential.  

Through personal anecdotes and expert insights, Sarah sheds light on the unconscious biases that shape behaviors and decisions and discusses strategies to develop ‘positive intelligence’ to recognize and conquer these internal adversaries. With practical advice on altering neural pathways and fostering productive thoughts, this discussion is a goldmine for anyone looking to elevate their workplace, enhance personal happiness, and achieve professional growth.


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Finding the right people to help your practice grow is a challenging task. No matter how rigorous your process is, misfits slip through the cracks. Your team is a vital piece to your success -- Don’t let other’s negativity impact your future!

In this episode of The Power Hour, Bethany is joined by Gavin Rebello, an optometrist from the United Kingdom and renowned expert on leadership and management. Together they dive into the impact of negativity and resistance to change in the workplace and how it affects team dynamics and business success. 

Listen as Gavin discusses the importance for business owners to stay self-aware and strike a balance between addressing the negativity and acknowledging its validity. He suggests practical steps, such as 'start, stop, continue' conversations and gratitude practices, to help shift someone from being a negative suck – or 'Mood Hoover' --to a positive, proactive leader. Recognizing this behavioral tendency, or better yet, preventing it from occurring in the first place, is essential to fostering a more productive, harmonious, and forward-thinking work environment that is united to for practice growth.


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The world of entrepreneurship is naturally confusing, especially in the rapidly changing and demanding field of eye care.

Join Bethany and Jennifer Hudye, the founder of Vision Driven Global, a company that helps entrepreneurs connect to clarify and create their next big vision for their businesses and for life.

Together they’ll discuss the spectrum of challenges that business owners and leaders face when trying to decide the future of their company and the process of solving these problems — creating clarity from confusion. Learn some of the methods Jennifer recommends and has used in her own life and find out why it’s important for leaders to develop a workflow to quickly navigate through inevitable confusion, accept the necessity of being decisive, and move their business forward.

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Get all eyes from your community on you!

Uncover unique strategies to build brand awareness and engage with your local target audiences as Bethany and Dr. Ryan Robison -- a partner at Southwest Vision in Saint George, Utah – discuss how he has elevated his practice to be a community asset. 

Learn from his tactics to see how you can grab share-of-voice in your local market for key services that drive great ROI – Why not protect your community’s sight while providing great protection for a solar eclipse? Or how about making sure your home team QB can see the entire field with sunglasses sales and vision screenings at sporting events? You’re here to make sure everyone can reach their maximum potential, so don’t be afraid to think – and act – a little outside the box to positively impact your community.

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Moving your career in the direction you need to reach your goals starts with being decisive and deliberate with your actions.

Uncover key actions that help build a thriving business with Bethany and Laurie Sorrenson -- OD, owner of Lakeline Vision Source, and professor of Practice Management at the University of Houston School of Optometry. Laurie has a unique perspective on risk that gives her courage to make big decisions -- looking at "what's the worst that can happen" and realizing it's not that bad gives her the courage to proceed ahead.

Discover how long-term success and personal fulfillment often begin with taking strategic, meaningful risks and shaping a positive mindset stripped of the fear of failure.

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How can the field of optometry break down barriers and promote equity while addressing the complex issues of race and racism?

Join Bethany and Dr. Adam Ramsey, optometrist and co-founder of Black Eyecare Perspectives, as they engage in a candid and enlightening discussion on the often challenging topic of race and racism within the optometry field, focusing on the experiences of minority optometrists.

Dr. Ramsey emphasizes the importance of recognizing and embracing diversity while fostering safe spaces for open conversations about race. He underscores that discussing race doesn't inherently make someone racist; it's about the intent and context of the conversation. The episode delves into the pressures and challenges faced by minority students and practitioners, as well as the significance of building connections and rapport with patients.

This insightful episode encourages listeners to reflect on their own perceptions, biases, and the need for greater inclusivity in the optometry profession.


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What steps can you take today to maximize your practice value in the future?  For many of us, our business is our most valuable asset, and yet we often overlook important opportunities to realize its full potential.

Join Bethany and Erik Ferjentsik, owner of Visionary Practice Group, as they dive deep into a discussion of practice valuation and why what your practice is worth goes far beyond the numbers on your P&L. 

Explore the role that tangible assets, online presence, and employee turnover have on practice value, discover what you can be doing today that will provide lasting growth for the value of your business, and learn some of the most common pitfalls that have kept successful practice owners from realizing the true potential of their most valuable asset.


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Ever wonder what optometry looks like across the world?

Join Bethany and Hasnain Mamdani, an optometrist from the UK and host of the Optics Room Podcast in the first of a two-part special as they dive into a discussion comparing the life of an optometrist in the US and the UK to find out what we may be able to learn from each other. 

Discover why becoming an optometrist requires a unique journey on each side of the Atlantic, and how differing patient expectations and healthcare systems play a significant role in shaping the profession. From pricing strategies to clinical practices, we'll delve into the fascinating international web of optometry and identify ways to improve eyecare no matter where you call home.


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AI is here and can help your practice.  Are you ready to take advantage of it?

Join Bethany and Eugene Shatsman from National Strategic Group as they talk about the role that rapidly evolving AI tools can play in optometry and how practice owners and managers can use them to drive practice growth and innovation.  

Eugene’s team has tested dozens of AI tools and he discusses how being an early adopter of some of this technology can help enhance your patient experience and give your practice an edge. He shares his perspectives on how AI offers shortcuts to humans, not replacing, but enhancing what we do every day.   

Marketing your practice involves so much more than getting patients in the door. As the capabilities of AI expand every day, harnessing this exciting technology can provide strategic advantage while allowing you to analyze practice data and interact with your patients in ways you’ve never had the time or technical ability to do before.

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What do AI and Dry Eye have in common?

Find out when you Join Bethany and Dr. Jovi Boparai, ophthalmologist, entrepreneur, and co-founder of CorneaCare as they discuss Dr. Boparai’s journey towards building an innovative AI-based solution for treating ocular surface disease.  

Learn about what the future holds for these rapidly emerging technologies, what it takes to “move fast, fail fast, iterate faster,” and what it means to build a “generational brand” in today’s world of social media.  Dr. Boparai’s perspectives on technology and TikTok alike provide a fascinating window into just how fast patient care is evolving. 


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Although the pandemic's intensity has waned, do the effects on optometry practices, staff, and business strategy remain?

In this episode, join Bethany as she reflects on the lingering impacts of COVID-19 on the optometric industry. Bethany delves into how the adaptations required to operate during COVID continue to affect practices to this day, often in ways that aren’t always obvious. 

From positive adaptations like shifting staff dynamics and enhanced safety measures to the challenges of decision paralysis and day-to-day uncertainty, evaluating whether these changes align with your current practice mission and vision is crucial to your ongoing success. Bethany also stresses the need for ongoing staff communication and the maintenance of adaptable strategies to remain competitive in the ever-changing landscape of modern optometry in the post-COVID future.


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What are the elements of a successful trunk show?

Join Bethany and Kayla Ashlee, co-founder of Spexy, in a discussion about the art of planning and putting on trunk shows — events where specialty frame vendors bring their entire catalogs to your practice for your patients to browse and shop — and how they can benefit your practice in both the short- and long-term.   

Should you see patients?  Should you offer discounts?  How do you support your team?  What’s the key to getting maximum RSVPs?  What absolute mistakes should you avoid?   

Bethany and Kayla dive into key do’s and don’ts and show you how your office can benefit from additional sales, branding, community exposure and patient loyalty that comes with a successful trunk show.


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Do you know how mental health is affecting you, your practice, and your staff?

In this episode of The Power Hour, Bethany speaks with Dr. Dennis Pardo, an optometrist, social worker, psychotherapist, and founder of Tranquil Wave Psychotherapy, to discuss the impact of mental health issues on optometric practice owners and their staff. 

Together they explore how mental health concerns affect things like productivity, absenteeism, and retention within the workplace as well as the growing awareness and reduced stigma around mental health as a whole. Dr. Pardo shares his unique journey from optometry to psychotherapy, emphasizing the importance of addressing mental health in the optometry profession and provides valuable insights on creating a psychologically safe work environment and dealing with potential mental health issues among employees. 

Mental health issues can be hard to detect, but by learning how to identify and address these pervasive concerns early, it’s possible to avoid the potential problems they cause and keep your practice running smoothly.


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What’s driving today’s OD shortage? Are fewer optometry students passing their national board examinations or it just an issue of perception?  The answer may fall somewhere in between. In this episode of the Power Hour Podcast, Bethany has an in-depth discussion with Howard Purcell, OD, FAAO, President of the New England College of Optometry, about emerging trends in board exam passing rates and whether or not there’s a reason for concern.

In their pursuit to uncover the facts, Bethany and Howard discuss issues like the underlying numbers behind the idea that students aren’t passing their national board exams as often, potential predictive factors for higher test scores, and the potential need to rethink the support that schools provide to students to better fit their needs.

This episode is a must-listen for anyone interested in the current trends in academia and how the nation’s foremost institutions like NECO are reacting to the shifting demands of their student body.


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What gets you out of bed in the morning? What drives your team? In this episode of the Power Hour Podcast, Bethany sits down with Gavin Rebello, an optometrist and renowned expert on leadership and management from the National Health System in the United Kingdom.

Together, Gavin and Bethany discuss 7 key psychological factors that drive motivation and how success as a business leader requires creating and cultivating an environment where all members of the team feel empowered to work towards common goals, have opportunities for personal growth, and understand the positive impact their work has on people’s lives. 

If you have ever had trouble fueling your motivation or want to create more purpose-driven teamwork for your practice, you’re not going to want to miss this episode!


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Is there a formula for successfully building a specialty practice? In this episode of the Power Hour, Bethany sits down with Thanh Mai, O.D., who shares his inspiring story of building a “super-specialty” practice focused on myopia management, scleral lenses & vision therapy.    

Dr. Mai is the founder of Insight Vision Center Optometry and has been involved with Treehouse Eyes scaling their myopia management business. He shares insights about building a specialty practice from scratch, and provides doctors with resources to go from “dabbling-in” specialty care to jumping right in.   

His conversation with Bethany offers a unique perspective on what it takes to fight imposter syndrome, stay accountable to your own goals with realistic timelines, and find the right support to help you along the way to help you make your dreams a reality. In discussing his journey, Dr. Mai shares a formulaic approach that includes setting the vision, identifying the “how”, picking your supporting “whos”, and building systems that replicate your success.   

This advice has helped him, and many other practice owners build their cash-based specialty practices. Listen in to get inspired and take action towards the practice of your dreams. 


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How do you build a successful practice? Are you ever done growing as a business leader? Join Bethany and Dr. Nick Despotidis, founder and partner of Eye Care Professionals, for a discussion on practice leadership and the role of consulting services leveraging customized solutions for support navigating the constantly shifting landscape of practice ownership.  

When Dr. Nick Despotidis, founder of Eye Care Professionals, realized that he needed a new kind of support, it led to a conversation with Bethany about how to reassess — and address — changing needs in the shifting landscape of optometry. Discover the importance of seeking guidance (no matter your experience), and the role of technology in shaping the future of the industry!

Every practice owner wants their business to grow — learn about the journey of practice growth and how to find fulfillment as not only an entrepreneur but also as a leader in the optometry field.


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Is Negativity Bias draining profits from your practice? Join Bethany and Bill Belanger, founder of Integrated Mind Training, in a discussion about negativity bias — the subconscious tendency of individuals to focus more on negative emotions and experiences rather than positive ones — and how it might be damaging to your practice.

Of course, it’s not possible to keep everyone happy (including yourself!) but focusing on negative feedback from your patients and the stressful parts of your day may result in lower job satisfaction, a worse patient experience, and a business that stagnates instead of thriving.

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If you’re looking for an edge in your optical, consider the words your opticians use every day.  In this episode, Bethany interviews Mark Hinton, an optician and founder of eYeFacilitate, a consulting group focused on growing optical sales. Together, they explore the impact of language and communication on optical sales discussions and outcomes.  They discuss the importance of carefully choosing words to avoiding negative or money-focused terms that may discourage patients. Mark shows us how to lead patients with effective dialogue and questions, highlighting the significance of emotions in purchasing decisions. He shares his personal journey from a background in psychology to becoming an optician and how his understanding of human behavior influenced his approach to patient interactions. Reflecting on the evolution of the optical industry, they address the challenges posed by managed care and commoditization of eyewear and practical strategies for using positive language to engage patients and enhance their overall experience.

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How much do the exact words we choose matter? In this episode, Eugene Shatsman from National Strategic Group joins us to show us how saying the same thing in two different ways can make a huge difference in your results. Which words pre-program patients to buy? What is the psychology behind some of the highest performing marketing wins? We discuss Eugene’s insights around split-testing and how his team has helped drive double-digit increases from marketing by simply adjusting the words used. By becoming aware of these proven language patterns, you can help drive more prospective patients to your practice and make your existing patients more profitable.

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Dr. Charlene Henderson joins Bethany on the podcast to talk about her experience owning a practice with a partner.



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Becca Starks joins Bethany to talk about who today's graduating ODs are and what they're looking for in their careers. If you're looking for a new associate, this is a can't-miss!

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Bethany talks about simple marketing strategies to attract new patients to your practice.

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Discover how stepping outside conventional boundaries can transform your practice into a thriving hub of engaged patients. Bethany joins Adam Cmejla on the 20/20 Money to talk about how making tiny improvements in your practice can lead to remarkable financial results.

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Join Dr. Bethany with Bart Foster, Founder of BusinessOutside and Managing Director of Sanitas Advisor. Bart is also the author of BusinessOutside: Discover Your Path Forward, a book that offers a science-inspired philosophy that reimagines corporate culture by bringing business outdoors. In this episode, Bart will share how leaders can leverage the power of nature to build stronger teams and transform their company culture.


BusinessOutside: Discover Your Path Forward:  

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Welcome to Today's episode where we discuss the Great Game of Business and how it can impact an optometry practice. With Dr. Danny Clarke, Owner of Clark Eye Care Center in Wichita Falls, Texas, and Co-Founder of Modus Practice in Motion. We'll talk about a game-changing approach that can help businesses achieve their goals and increase transparency. So, if you're an optometry practice owner looking to improve your business, the Great Game of Business might be worth exploring.

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As a team, it's essential to prioritize team building and developing a strong culture. One of the best ways to do this is by going on a trip together. Not only does it provide a fun and exciting opportunity to get away from the office and experience something new, but it also helps to build stronger relationships and foster a sense of teamwork and collaboration. Join Dr. Bethany with Dr. Andrew Peter and the Team of Homer Eyecare as they share the benefits of going on a trip with your team and how it can help you build an amazing culture.

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In this episode, we explore the Power of Online Reviews and how they have revolutionized the way businesses operate. From Google to Yelp and Facebook Reviews, we discuss the impact of these platforms on consumer behavior and how businesses can leverage this powerful tool to improve their bottom line. Our guest expert, Eugene Shatsman, Managing Partner & Business Growth Strategist for National Strategic Group, shares insights on how businesses can effectively manage their online reviews and turn them into a powerful marketing tool. Whether you're a business owner or a consumer, this episode is a must-listen for anyone interested in the fascinating world of online reviews.

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Dr. Bethany shares an innovative approach that can help optometrists revolutionize wages and pay their staff more. This method creates a win-win situation for both the practice and the staff members and has been shown to increase staff motivation, productivity, and revenue.

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In this episode, we explore the importance of customer service in optometry with Dr.Jennifer Stewart. She is the Editor of Independent Strong, Founder of OD Perspective, Co-Founder and Chief Vision Officer of Performance 2020, and an optometrist with almost 20 years of experience. Dr. Jennifer shares her insights on how to create a welcoming and comfortable environment for patients, the role of technology in enhancing customer service, and the benefits of investing in staff training and development. If you're a healthcare professional looking to improve your customer service skills, this episode is for you. 

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It's essential to acknowledge that financial stress can have a significant impact on an individual's mental and physical well-being. As a Practice Owner, it's vital to recognize this and take steps to support your staff. In this episode, Dr. Bethany and Evon Mendrin discussed a range of topics related to employee financial situation, including 401(K). It was a fascinating discussion, and we learned a lot from Evon's insights and perspectives.

If you want to learn more about Evon and their work, you can visit their website at

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Do you have trouble organizing your days for success? Steve Alexander, Head of Marketing, Strategic Partnerships at Anagram, shares his actionable tips and tricks to maximize productivity and enhance time management. 

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Take control of your finances and achieve your financial goals through small, manageable changes. Founder and CEO of Integrated Planning & Wealth Management Adam Cmejla shares actionable strategies and real-life examples to apply to your financial situations.

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Join Dr. Kyle Cheatham Chief Executive Officer at KMK Optometry Board's Review and Vision Specialists, as he shares his journey from helping one person to becoming the #1 Trusted Leader In Board Exam. In this episode, Bethany and Kyle discuss the challenges and rewards of entrepreneurship in optometry, as well as the personal and professional growth that comes with taking the leap to go for it and pursue your dreams.

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 Join Wendy Buchanan, Owner of Perceptions Eyewear Inc. and the creator of the Be Spectacular Eyewear Styling System, as she shares her proven strategy that will make your patients feel special and makes your practice stand out.

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A good understanding of where your Practice is making money and the costs associated with running a business are important for long-term success. Join Bethany as she shares insights, lessons learned, and tools to improve practice profitability. 

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There's a fun and engaging Theme, a Team Goal that everyone sets and track, a Scoreboard for progress, and a Reward for winning! COO of Clarke Eyecare Center and Co-Founder of Modus Practice in Motion Joely Anderson, shares how you can start MiniGames and how it can affect a change in your practice.

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Building the right culture takes time and thought, and frankly, it’s not a one-size-fits-all deal! Today Dr. Jennifer shares how important culture is in her practice and how she succeeds.

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Your inner voice can be either a powerful stepping stone or a major obstacle to reaching your goals. Our first episode for 2023 with Kim Boudreau Smith, Leadership and Speaking Coach, talks about how you can conquer your inner critic, strengthen your real self, and fuel your success.

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