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What exactly does the Vision Council do, and how can it help your practice thrive in the future? Join your host, Eugene Shatsman, on the Power Hour Podcast for an exclusive interview with Ashley Mills, CEO of the Vision Council, and Alysse Henkel, VP of Insights & Research.

Gain actionable insights from over 60 million patient transactions and data points to make data-driven decisions for your practice's future. Learn how the Vision Council Advantage fuels industry growth with advocacy in action, education, and free marketing resources.


Unveiling the Future in Orlando:

Discover why Orlando is the perfect destination for the next chapter of Vision Expo (and what to expect from the enhanced 2025 show).


Technology, Data, & Smart Eyewear:

Gain actionable tips on integrating cutting-edge technology, leveraging valuable data to navigate the evolving landscape of optometry, and exploring the latest smart eyewear innovations that can improve patient care and give your practice a competitive edge.

Tune in and get ready to be informed, inspired, and empowered!


In this episode:

- Optical innovations and Vision Expo’s move to Orlando for 2025

- Myopia management data and trends 

- Statistics on online versus in-person eyewear purchases

- Data on current consumer trends in the optical industry 

- The untapped potential in optical practices



Connect with Ashley Mills:

Ashley Mills is the Chief Executive Officer of the Vision Council. She has served the Council as the Director of Marketing and Shows (2003-2006) and the Vice President of Trade Shows and Meetings since 2016.

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Connect with Alysse Henkel:

Alysse Henkel serves the Vision Council as the Vice President of Research and Insights.

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Connect with Eugene Shatsman:

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