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Celebrations, Bonuses, and Gifts — the holiday season is one of the busiest times of year for everyone. What are you planning for your staff this holiday season?  

In this episode, Bethany is joined by Allison Kraemer, Director of Client Services at The Power Practice as they discuss how to best approach holiday celebrations and year-end festivities in the workplace.

Together they delve into a host of topics ranging from how best to acknowledge the accomplishments of your staff for the year to the distinctions between bonuses and gifts. They also discuss the nuances of holiday decorations in the office and how to toe the line between enhancing the work environment and creating extra burdens for your employees. 

Tune in to hear ideas for inclusive, team-oriented holiday celebrations with practical strategies to make your office a respite from the hectic holiday season while accommodating diverse beliefs and preferences. Whether it's crafting personalized gifts or creating new traditions, this episode is a treasure trove of insights for practice owners seeking to foster a positive and appreciative workplace culture during the holidays.


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Lease renewals are the most common real estate transaction for healthcare providers. Unfortunately, they’re also the type of transaction where optometrists lose the most money. How can practice owners flip the odds to their favor and save money? 

In this episode, Bethany is joined by Colin Carr, founder of CARR Realty, the nation’s leading provider of real estate services for healthcare professionals, as they dive into the critical topic of lease renewals for optometry practices. 

Their enlightening discussion reveals a common pitfall: many optometrists unknowingly lose out on hundreds of thousands of dollars by not being proactive in the lease renewal process. As a seasoned expert in the medical real estate landscape, Colin reveals strategies that the landlords don’t want practice owners to know, including: starting negotiations at least 12 months in advance, using a healthcare commercial real estate agent, and knowing your market options, whether you plan to stay or relocate. Carr emphasizes that renegotiating, even with an existing renewal option, can yield significant savings and better terms. 

This episode is a wealth of information for practice owners looking to get the upper hand and turn the tedious process of lease renewal into a win-win for their office space and their balance sheet.


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2024 is fast approaching! That means that it’s time to consider making big purchases to improve your practice and avoid paying heavy tax bills — but what if there’s a better way to use your money? 

In this episode, Bethany is joined by Adam Cmejla, founder of Integrated Planning and Wealth Management, a firm that does financial and retirement planning for optometric practice owners. Together they have an enlightening discussion on the best strategies to make your money work for you at the end of the year and clarify common misconceptions about taxes and managing practice finances. 

While it may seem prudent to invest profits back into your business, Adam challenges the idea of reinvesting profits solely for tax benefits, advocating for a balanced approach that includes enjoying personal rewards.

Tune in to learn practical expert advice on evaluating financials, understanding cash flow, and making smart, strategic decisions about savings and investments. Your practice is your most important asset - learn how to make sure that it’s working to benefit you both personally and professionally.


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Expert analysis has determined that in the competitive world of entrepreneurship, only 20% of teams reach their full potential.

For the majority of business leaders trying to achieve their goals and build their dream, internal saboteurs could be the thing inhibiting their professional growth. Could your mindset be the thing standing in your way?

In this episode of The Power Hour, Bethany is joined by Sarah Dau, Vice President of Business Development for the Power Practice and Business Management Coach with over a decade of experience helping optometry practices of all sizes reach their goals and potential.  

Through personal anecdotes and expert insights, Sarah sheds light on the unconscious biases that shape behaviors and decisions and discusses strategies to develop ‘positive intelligence’ to recognize and conquer these internal adversaries. With practical advice on altering neural pathways and fostering productive thoughts, this discussion is a goldmine for anyone looking to elevate their workplace, enhance personal happiness, and achieve professional growth.


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Finding the right people to help your practice grow is a challenging task. No matter how rigorous your process is, misfits slip through the cracks. Your team is a vital piece to your success -- Don’t let other’s negativity impact your future!

In this episode of The Power Hour, Bethany is joined by Gavin Rebello, an optometrist from the United Kingdom and renowned expert on leadership and management. Together they dive into the impact of negativity and resistance to change in the workplace and how it affects team dynamics and business success. 

Listen as Gavin discusses the importance for business owners to stay self-aware and strike a balance between addressing the negativity and acknowledging its validity. He suggests practical steps, such as 'start, stop, continue' conversations and gratitude practices, to help shift someone from being a negative suck – or 'Mood Hoover' --to a positive, proactive leader. Recognizing this behavioral tendency, or better yet, preventing it from occurring in the first place, is essential to fostering a more productive, harmonious, and forward-thinking work environment that is united to for practice growth.


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