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Dr. Gary Gerber, the founder of The Power Practice, returns in Season 12 to help announce new host, Eugene Shatsman.


The two further cement The Power Hour’s commitment to maximize impact on listeners and their practices by featuring conversations inside and outside the optometric industry, highlighting exclusive insights and data, and creating panel discussions around relevant industry topics.


Gary also shares insights from his extensive experience in optometry, including the importance of taking calculated risks, investing in people, and viewing patients as lifetime assets.


He also emphasizes the need for continuous learning, innovation, and embracing technology to enhance patient care and practice growth.


The conversation delves deep into myopia management, patient education, and engagement through current technology and social platforms. If you are looking for practical ways to scale your optometry practice, this episode is for you.


In this episode:

- A look back at The Power Hour Podcast

- The evolution of optometry

- Improving myopia management

- Enhancing patient care, experience, and engagement

- Leveraging technology and social media in eye care

- The importance of investing in staff

- Effective communication and customer retention

- Improving conversions for high-price eye care services



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