The Power Hour

Is another shutdown coming?  The number of COVID-19 infections is rising.  This week, hear more on:

• Deciding if/when to close

• How to communicate to patients

• How to use learnings from the first shutdown to inform your actions now

Find out more on this episode of the Power Hour.

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Mike Neal from Build My Team joins the show this week to discuss hiring during COVID-19.  Find out what is the same...and what is different.

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Tonight, find out more about the challenges and opportunities unique to young ODs. Drs. Justin Bazan, Will To, Kirk Kaupke, and John Nguyen dive into more!

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ECP practices throughout the country are faced with increasing pressure to differentiate their business while delivering quality care.

As new technologies and services emerge, innovative ECPs are leveraging both to enhance their patients' experience, deliver valuable services, and increase their revenues.

Listen to this episode to hear from Pierre Bertrand, Neurolens; Dr. Michael Pier, Cognivue; John Walborn, Sanitas Advisors; and Matt Oerding, Treehouse Eyes.

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