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In this episode, join Bethany as she gives some expert insight into the confusing and complex topic of creating a successful cold start practice. Drawing on over two decades of experience, including cold starting her own practice and guiding numerous other doctors in their cold start journeys, she offers invaluable insights into effective strategies and common pitfalls.

Bethany cautions against the allure of equipping a new practice with the latest gadgets and technologies from the outset. Instead, she emphasizes the importance of cultivating a solid, dependable patient base with basic needs, and progressively enhancing technological resources and treatment capabilities as the practice flourishes.

It's also important to have the right motivation and acquire the necessary business skills for success, similar to optometry training. Bethany advises practice owners to be easy to do business with, deliver an exceptional patient experience, and start out with good habits and solid business practices from the beginning. 

Embarking on a cold start practice can be a remarkable opportunity for professional growth. Tune in to this episode to discover the most effective approaches to achieving the success and work-life balance you've always envisioned, while avoiding the common errors associated with this challenging yet rewarding endeavor.


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Is an MBA your golden ticket to career advancement, or is there a way to invest your time and money with better opportunities? 

In this episode, Bethany is joined by Dan Koontz, MBA, former Wall Street senior equity analyst, in a conversation about the pitfalls of pursuing another advanced degree to attempt to improve your business acumen. 

Dan offers deep insights into the value of an MBA for optometrists and entrepreneurs. He shares his journey from an English literature graduate at Cornell University to a successful career in finance, highlighting how an MBA from Columbia University paved his way to Wall Street where he was ultimately able to retire at the age of 40. 

Together they challenge the necessity of an MBA for practice owners, discussing the mismatch between academic training and real-world business needs. He emphasizes the high costs and opportunity losses associated with pursuing an MBA, especially for entrepreneurs who might not need this credential. Dan encourages optometrists to seek targeted, practical business knowledge rather than a general MBA, suggesting alternative ways to acquire business acumen relevant to their field. This episode promises to be an eye-opener for professionals contemplating advanced business degrees, showcasing the importance of aligning education with specific career objectives.

Check out Dan’s Groundnut Stew recipe


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The new year is a chance for everyone to take a step back and seek out ways to improve their life for the upcoming year. Could dropping a difficult vision plan be your answer for a happier and more successful 2024? 

In this episode, Bethany is joined by Steve Alexander, the marketing director at Anagram and optometry insurance expert, as they discuss an impactful New Year's resolution for optometrists: simplifying their practices by re-evaluating and possibly dropping burdensome vision plans. 

While this move may seem drastic, Steve elaborates on how this game-changing move aims to increase profitability, simplify operations, and enhance patient care quality. Learn how to strategically choose which plan to drop, understand the benefits of this decision, and explore the nuances of balancing patient volume with service quality. 

They also delve into the critical aspect of preparing your practice for this change, ensuring a smooth transition for both staff and patients. This episode is not just about dropping a vision plan; it's about reshaping your business model for a more effective and fulfilling practice. Don't miss these expert insights that could transform your approach to optometry in the new year!


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