The Power Hour

Erik Ferjentsik, CEO and Founder of Visionary Group talks about what it looks like to sell your practice in today's market.

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If you want to learn the What, When, Who, Why, and How’s of the Power Practice, this podcast episode is for you. Dr. Bethany and the team discuss what clients can expect if they consult with The Power Practice. Learn more from these clients turned consultants because this is a discussion you wouldn’t want to miss.

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Bethany's Appearance on The Optometry Money Podcast.

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What are Insurance Audits and how important are they? Dr. Bethany and Dr. Viktoria discuss what the factors are for an Insurance Audit and how we can be ready for them.

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Bethany shares her insights on how good communication and consistent discussions with patients and staff, whether a practice is doing well or not, can make a huge difference.

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