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What if you could tap into the strategies behind billions in business growth? Jay has worked with titans like Daymond John and Tony Robbins, and now world-renowned business strategist Jay Abraham is ready to help you. Join Eugene Shatsman on The Power Hour for Jay's insider secrets on explosive growth.



If you're ready to unlock the secrets of explosive business growth, this episode is unmissable!  Business legend Jay Abraham joins Eugene Shatsman on The Power Hour Podcast, spilling decades of wisdom on maximizing profits, dominating your niche, and building an unstoppable business machine.  Jay's clients include titans of industry, and now he's ready to share his proven methods with you. Get ready to discover how strategic risk, calculated expansions, and laser-focused client service can transform your results.



In this episode:

- Three core strategies for sustainable business growth

- Advanced tactics to find hidden opportunities

- The importance of testing and data-driven decision making

- Building a powerful referral system

- Leveraging partnerships for maximum impact


About Jay Abraham

Jay Abraham is the founder and CEO of The Abraham Group, Inc., based in Los Angeles, California. He has helped over 10,000 clients in more than 1,000 industries and over 7,200 to increase their bottom lines. 


Jay focuses on helping business owners to solve complex problems, identify overlooked opportunities, and revive underperforming businesses. He has been featured in many publications, including the Investor Business Daily, Forbes Magazine, USA Today, The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times, The Washington Post, and many others.


Connect with Jay Abraham:

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What exactly does the Vision Council do, and how can it help your practice thrive in the future? Join your host, Eugene Shatsman, on the Power Hour Podcast for an exclusive interview with Ashley Mills, CEO of the Vision Council, and Alysse Henkel, VP of Insights & Research.

Gain actionable insights from over 60 million patient transactions and data points to make data-driven decisions for your practice's future. Learn how the Vision Council Advantage fuels industry growth with advocacy in action, education, and free marketing resources.


Unveiling the Future in Orlando:

Discover why Orlando is the perfect destination for the next chapter of Vision Expo (and what to expect from the enhanced 2025 show).


Technology, Data, & Smart Eyewear:

Gain actionable tips on integrating cutting-edge technology, leveraging valuable data to navigate the evolving landscape of optometry, and exploring the latest smart eyewear innovations that can improve patient care and give your practice a competitive edge.

Tune in and get ready to be informed, inspired, and empowered!


In this episode:

- Optical innovations and Vision Expo’s move to Orlando for 2025

- Myopia management data and trends 

- Statistics on online versus in-person eyewear purchases

- Data on current consumer trends in the optical industry 

- The untapped potential in optical practices



Connect with Ashley Mills:

Ashley Mills is the Chief Executive Officer of the Vision Council. She has served the Council as the Director of Marketing and Shows (2003-2006) and the Vice President of Trade Shows and Meetings since 2016.

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Connect with Alysse Henkel:

Alysse Henkel serves the Vision Council as the Vice President of Research and Insights.

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Connect with Eugene Shatsman:

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Be among the 5 lucky listeners to get a FREE Practice Profitability Audit ($2400 value). Join the conversation on and scroll to the bottom to request a FREE audit.



Dr. Gary Gerber, the founder of The Power Practice, returns in Season 12 to help announce new host, Eugene Shatsman.


The two further cement The Power Hour’s commitment to maximize impact on listeners and their practices by featuring conversations inside and outside the optometric industry, highlighting exclusive insights and data, and creating panel discussions around relevant industry topics.


Gary also shares insights from his extensive experience in optometry, including the importance of taking calculated risks, investing in people, and viewing patients as lifetime assets.


He also emphasizes the need for continuous learning, innovation, and embracing technology to enhance patient care and practice growth.


The conversation delves deep into myopia management, patient education, and engagement through current technology and social platforms. If you are looking for practical ways to scale your optometry practice, this episode is for you.


In this episode:

- A look back at The Power Hour Podcast

- The evolution of optometry

- Improving myopia management

- Enhancing patient care, experience, and engagement

- Leveraging technology and social media in eye care

- The importance of investing in staff

- Effective communication and customer retention

- Improving conversions for high-price eye care services



Connect with Gary Gerber:


Connect with Eugene Shatsman :


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How do you define success for your business? Are you making time to balance your work with personal fulfillment, or are you stuck in the cycle of chasing endless profits? 

In this episode, Bethany is joined by Ali Nasser, founder and CEO of AltruVista wealth planning firm, entrepreneur, and author of the best-selling book “The Business Owner’s Dilemma” for a conversation on how to truly define success. 

Together they discuss an often-overlooked aspect of entrepreneurship: the relentless pursuit of financial gains at the expense of personal fulfillment. Speaking from his wealth professional expertise, Ali emphasizes the importance of measuring success by the concept of ROLE — “Return on Life Experience” — rather than solely on financial metrics. 

Nasser shares insights from his professional encounters with business owners who achieved financial success but struggled with personal issues like identity, relationships, and health. He suggests that business owners should focus on what truly matters to them, such as time management, relationships, and personal growth, rather than solely on financial gains. 

If you find yourself winning at business but struggling to find purpose outside of work, tune in to this episode to learn more about how to find the right balance for your life experiences!

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