The Power Hour

The world of entrepreneurship is naturally confusing, especially in the rapidly changing and demanding field of eye care.

Join Bethany and Jennifer Hudye, the founder of Vision Driven Global, a company that helps entrepreneurs connect to clarify and create their next big vision for their businesses and for life.

Together they’ll discuss the spectrum of challenges that business owners and leaders face when trying to decide the future of their company and the process of solving these problems — creating clarity from confusion. Learn some of the methods Jennifer recommends and has used in her own life and find out why it’s important for leaders to develop a workflow to quickly navigate through inevitable confusion, accept the necessity of being decisive, and move their business forward.

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Get all eyes from your community on you!

Uncover unique strategies to build brand awareness and engage with your local target audiences as Bethany and Dr. Ryan Robison -- a partner at Southwest Vision in Saint George, Utah – discuss how he has elevated his practice to be a community asset. 

Learn from his tactics to see how you can grab share-of-voice in your local market for key services that drive great ROI – Why not protect your community’s sight while providing great protection for a solar eclipse? Or how about making sure your home team QB can see the entire field with sunglasses sales and vision screenings at sporting events? You’re here to make sure everyone can reach their maximum potential, so don’t be afraid to think – and act – a little outside the box to positively impact your community.

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Moving your career in the direction you need to reach your goals starts with being decisive and deliberate with your actions.

Uncover key actions that help build a thriving business with Bethany and Laurie Sorrenson -- OD, owner of Lakeline Vision Source, and professor of Practice Management at the University of Houston School of Optometry. Laurie has a unique perspective on risk that gives her courage to make big decisions -- looking at "what's the worst that can happen" and realizing it's not that bad gives her the courage to proceed ahead.

Discover how long-term success and personal fulfillment often begin with taking strategic, meaningful risks and shaping a positive mindset stripped of the fear of failure.

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