The Power Hour

Daniel Rostenne from EyeCarePro goes all in on online marketing on this week's Power Hour.
Get ready to learn about strategy, Google Ads, social media, and more. Daniel explains why ODs need to market their practices and how to ensure ROI on their efforts.

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Joseph Nezgoda, MD, MBA, joins April & Gary on Power Hour this week.  They discuss cases they have seen during shutdown and how technology has and continues to make eye care better for patients and doctors.


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Frederic Jouhet, founder and CEO of MacuHealth, joins Power Hour this week.
He discusses career changes, inspiration for entrepreneurship, and how ODs can best help their patients.

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Connect, Inspire, Lead—these are the core values of OWA - Optical Women's Association.
In recognition of International Women's Day, Power Hour sits down with OWA President Robyn Crimmins and members Janna Neal, vice president of operations for Zyloware, and Trudi Charest, cofounder of Marketing 4ECPS, about how OWA inspires and supports its members.


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