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Most people have a complicated relationship with money. We often feel uncomfortable discussing it, yet it's a critical part of our daily lives. That's why, on today's Power Hour episode, host Eugene Shatsman invited certified financial planner Adam Cmejla to discuss common money mistakes practice owners make and how to avoid them.

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This week on The Power Hour Podcast, we're excited to share an inspiring story of entrepreneurial success with Dr. Arun Garg, a dentist who has built a staggering 41 companies over the past 20 years. From humble beginnings as an academic earning $42,000 to becoming a successful entrepreneur earning 50 times that amount.


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This week, we are thrilled to welcome two exceptional doctors and all-around great humans - Dr. Aaron Law from Eyecare Specialties and Dr. Ryan Stybel from Positive Eye Ons and Look Optometry. These two graduated together and are now about 15 years into their careers, having both built impressive practices and showing no signs of slowing down. As Dr. Ryan Stybel puts it: "Never be complacent. Always push forward."

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If you had the chance to sit down with the CEO or leader of a major retail operation, what burning questions would you ask them? On the latest episode of the Power Hour podcast, host Eugene Shatsman sits down with retail veteran Stephanie Pugliese to unpack her valuable insights for optometrists and business leaders alike. 

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