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We've heard so many Power Hour listeners express frustration and curiosity about the Federal Trade Commission’s (FTC) recent ban on non-compete agreements. Today, Eugene Shatsman speaks with legal whiz Ali Oromchian from Dental and Medical Counsel. Is this a disaster for businesses? A win for workers? They break down the new rules, how it affects you, and surprising legal secrets entrepreneurs should know (like mistakes most lawyers won't tell you about). Tune in for a lively discussion that's sure to spark debate – and equip you with the knowledge you need to navigate the new employment landscape.

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Ever wondered how Disney consistently delivers magical experiences? In this episode of the Power Hour, host Eugene Shatsman sits down with Dennis Snow, a customer experience legend who spent over two decades at Disney. Dennis shares invaluable insights from his time at the Disney Institute and reveals how their principles can be applied to elevate your optometry practice. Eugene adds to the conversation by sharing real-world examples and anecdotes from his work with clients, emphasizing the importance of creating "wow" moments and fostering a positive patient experience.

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Is Your Optometry Practice Ready for the AI Revolution?

Artificial intelligence (AI) isn't just science fiction anymore – it's transforming optometry. In this episode of Power Hour, host Eugene Shatsman and AI expert Dr. Roya Attar dive into the cutting edge of clinical care and practice management.

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This week’s latest episode of The Power Hour podcast unveils profitable subspecialties in eye care.

Host Eugene Shatsman, joined by two industry experts, Dr. Julie Helmus and Matt Rosner - uncover valuable insights and strategies that could revolutionize your practice's profitability.

Get ready as a wealth of expertise and experiences is shared in serving often overlooked patient populations with innovative solutions.

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Unlocking Fortune 500 Efficiency: Conquering Backlog, Optimizing Workflow, and Overcoming Multitasking

No one is more familiar with the world of business constraints than Dr. Alan Barnard. By optimizing companies like Nike, ABB, Cisco, and Intel, Dr. Alan BArnard of Goldratt Research Labs has become one of the world's leading decision scientists and theory of constraints experts. His accolades speak for themselves as one of the world's leading decision scientists and theory of constraints experts.

If you’re familiar with ‘The Goal’, an optimizer's bible, then you will know Dr. Barnard was the powerhouse behind Goldratt Research Labs, and partner of the late Eli Goldratt, the mind behind that groundbreaking book. 

In this episode, he unveils a framework that promises to revolutionize the way we approach constraints in business and beyond. Whether you're aiming to streamline workflow, eliminate backlog, or master the art of multitasking, Dr. Barnard’s insights are not to be missed.

Episode Highlights: 

  • Dr. Barnard presents mathematical proof of how multitasking significantly drains productivity, shedding light on why it defies intuition.

  • He unveils his method for persuading the mind to tackle tasks that appear daunting or impossible.

  • Eugene and Alan go through several examples and thought experiments to relate his concepts to the vision industry


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