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"Blow up the Benchmarks" and shake things up for the new year.  Gary Gerber discusses his 5 top ways to positively disrupt the way your practice runs to ensure you have a more profitable year.

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LensCrafter founder, Dean Butler discusses the history of the company, where the industry is headed now and how OD's can compete with the Internet and our new economy.

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Buying Group or Doctor Alliance? Which is better for your practice?  Listen to Mark Feder, OD (CEO of IDOC) and Michael Block (President of Block Buying Group) share their views and opinions.

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Howard Purcell, OD, Senior VP at Essilor, shares his thoughts about the future of the profession and goes in depth discussing technology in the dispensary and online eyeglasses.

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An eye exam from a kiosk? Bart Foster, CEO & Founder of SoloHealth is our guest and he'll be discussing his company's technology which is scheduled to be deployed in nearly 1,200 WalMart stores!

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Hurricane Sandy has done her damage. Learn disaster and contingency planning strategies for your practice.  It doesn't take a significant weather event to put this plan into place.  Tune in to hear how your practice might be at risk.

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What are your plans to ensure you grow your practice next year? Learn how to create a budget and marketing plan.

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